Mother’s Day Special…

Give your mom the gift that makes her smile every time she thinks of you–every time she passes a mirror or checks her lipstick. Something that makes her feel pretty, feel fun, and know that you “get her” and she has still got it! FairyHairGodmother has Gift Certificates available for Mother’s Day AND is a running a Mother’s Day Special…
~2 Free Sparkles with every 10 purchased~
Call me 503-989-8993 and I will have your Gift Certificate ready to pick up on Saturday (5-12) or Sunday (5-13) this week. The Special is good for any Gift Certificate (birthday, graduation) purchased before Mother’s Day!

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Fairy Hair Features…

Treat your Fairy Hair sparkles just like your own natural hair–no special treatment required. Wash, blow dry and even color your hair without damaging your sparkles. The tinsel sparkle strands are each tied into hair, with a knot in the middle so it presents as two strands. The strands I use are silk, so they can take 360 degrees of heat and you can use a curling iron, flat iron, or hot rollers.
Most start with 15-20 strands and come back every three weeks to a month for a few more to refresh. I sparkle just as many adults as I do youngsters–everyone loves Fairy Hair, hair tinsel, hair bling, hair flair, hair flare, hair sparkles, hair glitter, glitter hair, faery hair, wedding hair, hair extensions…call them what you like.

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go…

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go…this is my new mantra. Repeat.

There is more than enough negativity and insanity around us.  I turn off the news the minute I start to get tense…lately this is whenever the White House is mentioned.   I find myself getting my news from the Daily Show on Comedy Central–at least there is humor mixed in with the chaos. 

One of the primary reasons I choose to do Fairy Hair is because it is uplifting, and it connects me with happy people.  I share an art that creates beauty, laughter, and a feeling of whimsy.  It is connected to magical possibilities, creative make-believe and lore.  Eat drink and be “fairy…”


Cross Country Olympics

One of the Cross Country Gold Medalists was seen sporting pink Fairy Hair strands during her winning streak across the finish line! Congrats to TEAM USA!